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Kingwood United Methodist Church, 1799 Woodland Hills Dr, Kingwood TX 77339, 281-358-2137. Sam Houston Area Council #576, Flaming Arrow District. Meetings most Mondays 7:15 pm to 8:45 pm, Gymnasium. Check Upcoming Events for the next meeting date. Visitors are welcome. Bring your son.

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To order our Fundraiser XL Lawn/Contractor Bags please email us at fundraiser@kingwood1377.mytroop.us.

Kingwood Middle School Safety Carnival Volunteers Needed August 3rd

Posted on Aug 3 2021 - 11:08am
Kingwood Middle School will be holding its annual safety carnival. Troop 1377 has been asked to run and operate the hotdog stand. This is a great way to gain 3 to 4 service hours and represent scouting. We typically recruit several scouts from KMS. The event is on August 3rd from 6 to 8. We will need at least 5 scouts before we can commit. This is a fun event and you will each have the opportunity to visit each of the booths. Wear your class B, hat and mask.  Check in w/ Mr. Elrod @5:30. 
Should finish at 8:00.”
E-mail Mr. Elrod at Mdpelrod1@yahoo.com Or call / text 832-851-9070 to sign up and get the details! 

High Adventure 2022 is in the Works!

Posted on Jul 30 2021 - 7:21pm
I have received notice from a lot of adults and scouts expressing their interest in attending Sea Base next summer.  Given the amount of folks that expressed interest, we can likely fill three crews.  Here is a brief summary of details to consider:

1) Eligibility - Any scout that is 13 or older the day before the trek starts.
2) Trek being considered (can’t guarantee the dates; spots are filling up fast) - Coral Reef Sailing - CR071422 (Jul 14 - 20, 2022) | 7 Days

Program Name: Coral Reef Sailing  -  Live onboard a sailing vessel, snorkel, and sail the waters surrounding the Florida Keys

3) Estimated Cost per Participant - $1,400 +\- $150 (final cost will depend on total number of crews and travel arrangements)
4) Size of Crew:  8 (2 adults minimum, 6 scouts); their must be at least 5 scouts per crew.  Adults cannot make up 50% or more of the crew.
5) Initial Deposit - $250 due immediately.

 If you are interested in participating, please plan on attending the planning meeting!

Arthur Muir, the oldest American to summit Mount Everest, is an Eagle Scout

Posted on Jul 1 2021 - 11:45am

At 75, Muir became the oldest American to reach the top of the world. He spent the two years between attempts training his body — and mind — for another attempt. In May 2021, Muir was part of a team of nine climbers and 20 sherpas who reached the summit on the same day. “I was just overwhelmed with the emotion,” Muir said on the Today Show. “To be quite honest, I thought about my family, I thought about my grandchildren, one of whom was born while I was on this expedition, and I started crying. It was just kind of this emotional outlet.” While he’s understandably proud of his Everest climb, Muir tells Bryan on Scouting that he’s just as proud of his status as an Eagle Scout.

”I have always thought Scouting was one of the most important influences on my life,” he says. “The skills I learned there have served me well ever since. I’m proud to be an Eagle Scout and a member of the Order of the Arrow.” 

Philmont High Adventure Trip

Posted on Jun 25 2021 - 5:09pm

Departure is Tuesday 29th from the Aldi parking lot (1387 Kingwood drive),  Meet at 5:30 /  leave 6am 

Overnight bag: This has clothes and gear for the trip to/from Philmont- with ground pad & sleeping bag in it because on the floor of a Scout hut in Amarillo.  On the return trip we will stay at a hotel. You will not need your sleeping bag for the return trip, we will leave your (stinking) backpacks on the bus. 

Backpacks will be under the bus 

First Aid Training Opportunity for Adults

Posted on Jun 25 2021 - 5:09pm

The council offers are a variety of first aid training courses throughout the year including First Aid/CPR/AEDFirst Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Course, and Wilderness First Aid.  Register

NRA Shooting Sports Training

Posted on Jun 25 2021 - 5:07pm

NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT) is held on Friday night and the discipline-specific basic training and instructor training (rifle, shotgun or pistol) are held on Saturday. These training courses allow leaders to run a shooting sports event at a troop, crew, ship, district, or council event and to teach the Rifle and Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge.

Register for Rifle    Register for Shotgun    Register for Pistol   Learn More about Shooting Sports

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